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Favorite Thing: The Diggit


Diggit Garden Hand Tool in gardener's back pocket

horticulture magazine coverLIKE MANY GARDENERS, I enjoy touring my garden in an exacting, unvarying route. Each visit, when I stop to see what's blooming in my two raised rock garden beds, I often find myself scowling at a weed. Unfortunately, there are many crevices in a rock garden in which seeds can hide. So I always carry a narrow trowel called a Diggit, which I wond several years ago as a door prize at a weekend meeting of the North American Rock Garden Society. It easily pries out small weeds. It doubles as a planting tool for seedlings and bulbs – it has notches, one inch apart, along the blade edge, for measuring depth. — Bobby J. Ward

Page 18, December – January 2008

Reprinted with permission Horticulture Magazine
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