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Premium Diggit 2 Garden Hand Tool
Premium Diggit 2 Garden Hand Tool Handle and blade are bonded

Premium Diggit 2 Garden Hand Tool

Is the premium version of the original Diggit – twice as strong as regular stainless steel

This tool has a lifetime guarantee against breakage, corrosion or manufacturing defects – for people who want the very best

It has a bright yellow handle instead of red, and the blade is electro-polished and toughened to be twice as strong as regular stainless steel. People give these tools as gifts to those special gardeners they know.

Garden Uses

  • Perfect tool for dandelion removal (taprooted weeds)
  • Palm-friendly, safe to use and too bright to get lost
  • Built to last using strong, weather-proof materials
  • Planting bulbs and spreading tiny seeds evenly
  • Spacing row crops – tool is one foot long

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Handle and blade are bondedDiggit Features

  • Same as the Diggit hand garden tool, except for blade - Very strong blade material, good for hard, rocky ground that beats up ordinary tools.
  • Blade is very rustproof - ideal for people near salt water or beaches, or those who use corrosive animal manures that eat up normal tools.
  • Blade is polished , making it an attractive gift.


  • Digging dandelions or other tap rooted weeds.
  • Planting bulbs.
  • Transplanting seedlings.
  • Digging deep, slender holes.
  • Spreading tiny seeds evenly.
  • Spacing row crops - tool is one foot long.

Product rating

Customer Reviews

  • Customer: Suzanne B., Oakdale, CA
    I’m very excited to be using Diggit #2 and promoting it.
  • Customer: Amber B., Eugene, OR
    Just wanted to say that you might put a disclaimer on your site: “Not responsible for tools that mysteriously disappear when exposed to fellow gardeners!”

    I will be purchasing a 3rd Diggit tool because the other 2 have disappeared after being used by folks that have been hired to work in our garden! I even wrote our name on the second one. Everyone loves your product – just wish it wasn’t at my expense.
  • Customer: Nina Y., Aurora, CO
    I loved the Diggit 2 so much I have recommended it around the neighborhood and want more for gifts!
  • Customer: Molly F., Livermore, CA
    I love my Diggit 2. I decided to order more tools for my children as Easter gifts.
  • Customer: Michael
    This is the BEST tool ever. I carry mine around with me when walking the dog and dig out my neighbors' dandelions too (they think I'm crazy, but they appreciate not having dandelions).
    Also, the DIGGIT folks are great. If you want great customer service, just call them.
  • Customer: Anastasia Bergren
    I just recently bought a Diggit2 at the Seattle Garden Show. Lving on the Olympic Peninsuala, we have a LOT of rocks and clay soil. I have used it several times now, and am extremely impressed by it's ability to conquer these problems, and more. No more bent or broken shovels! I am extremely pleased with it, and it's lifetime guarantee. Thank you!

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