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Diggit Gardening Tools in the Press

Diggit Garden Tools have gotten much fan fare from an assortment of newspapers, magazine articles and local garden journals.

If you write articles and are considering one of our tools to review in an upcoming issue, please contact us.

Ciscoe’s Picks for Gardening Gifts

Published 12/17/17 in the Seattle Times, Pacific NW Magazine.

Diggit Hori Garden Knife: This hand tool will become your gardening friend’s favorite weeding tool. The knifelike stainless-steel blade is practically indestructible and is the perfect shape for digging out deep-rooted dandelions or rooting out pesky red-leaved clovers. Best of all, it comes with a bright yellow rubberized handle, making it comfortable to hold and almost impossible to lose. It’s available in most nurseries and garden centers or online at [ See image 5 of 8]

Horticulture Magazine (December/January 2008)

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Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine (November 2003)

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The Seattle Times, Seattle, WA (June 2001)

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Eastside Journal, Bellevue, WA (April 1997)

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Diggit garden tools

Oakland Press (June 2010)

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