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Product Description

The Diggit-2 is the premium version of the original Diggit. Its stainless steel blade is toughened and electro-polished to make it stronger and more rust resistant than the original. This multi-purpose garden tool is great for fine digging, weed removal, and seed/ bulb planting.

Lifetime guarantee


  • Stainless blade can handle rocky ground that beats up other tools
  • Blade won't rust
  • Handle is palm-friendly, weather resistant, and too bright to get lost
  • Blade has inch and centimeter marker notches for planting depth
  • Same as the original Diggit hand garden tool except for blade
  • Hole for hanging
  • Made in USA

Garden Uses

  • Removing dandelions and other tap-rooted weeds
  • Planting bulbs and seedlings
  • Spreading small seeds evenly
  • Spacing row crops – tool is one foot long

Additional Info

  • Because this tool has a stainless blade and a weather resistant rubber handle you can leave it outside all year. We have a tool that has been outside for 20 years and still works great!


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