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Product Description

The Diggit Duck is great for hard to reach places!

This tool is used for getting weeds out of cracks in driveways, sidewalks, rockeries, and out of hard-packed, rocky ground such as gravel pathways and dirt driveways. It is also excellent for digging out tough weeds like grasses that have invaded flower beds. We call it a duck because the shape of the blade and the hang hole look like a duck’s head.


  • Blade is very corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Handle is palm-friendly and too bright to get lost in the garden
  • Built to last using strong, weather-proof materials
  • Made in USA!


  • Weeding cracks in driveways, sidewalks, rockeries
  • Digging weeds out of hard packed, rocky ground
  • Hooking out invasive grasses embedded in perennials
  • Combing out roots of pot-bound plants
  • Clearing debris between deck boards

Additional Info

  • Because this tool has a stainless blade and a weather resistant rubber handle you can leave it outside all year. We have a tool that has been outside for 20 years and still works great!

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