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The Diggit Hori Hori is an all purpose garden tool that’s perfect for digging and cutting sod and roots. The blade is cast from stainless steel and heat treated for strength and durability.

Lifetime Guarantee

Garden Features

  • High strength cast stainless blade - won't rust or bend
  • Handle is palm-friendly, weather resistant, and too bright to get lost
  • Reinforcing ribs near handle
  • Leave it in your garden all year - the weather won't hurt it
  • Made in USA!

Garden Uses

  • General digging
  • Cutting thru small roots
  • Cutting greens off vegetables
  • Cutting thru sod
  • Dividing plants
  • Weeding
  • Planting
  • Opening bags of compost & potting soil

Additional Info

Many Hori Hori knives have a sharp cutting edge. We're not so keen on this because any sharp cutting tool used in dirt won't stay sharp very long. Instead we’ve designed our serrated blade to easily cut roots without being sharp enough to cut your finger. 

Other companies stamp their Hori Horis out of metal sheet but ours is cast from stainless steel. Casting allows us to add reinforcing ribs and fine tune the shape of the blade for maximum strength and performance. Casting costs more but produces a superior tool.

After the Hori Hori is cast it undergoes a 3-stage heat-treat process: 7 hours at temperatures from 925 – 2100ºF.  Heat treating produces an oxide layer that turns the blade grayish purple. If you dig in rocky soil this layer will wear off revealing a polished, silver finish. We could make the tool shiny right from the start but it’s expensive and doesn’t improve the function!


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